"To be the leading fashion company in linen at the national level manufacturing and marketing exclusive designs made with European natural fibers and high quality materials, guaranteeing: comfort, elegance and distinction to our customers through the professional work and service culture of our personal"


"Transcending the national and international market as the most important linen fashion company, distinguished by our high quality products and customer services."


The values ​​are the points that will guide the behavior within the organization, it is the ideal that the organization of each concept has. In the case of abbit, the values ​​are based on a principle "Do things as for the most important person in your life" and are represented by:

Initiative. Do things of your own free will, ahead of any external or self-motivated motivation.

Honesty. Working in the common good, both of the company and that of coworkers.

Respect. Towards the person who represents each position towards the company, both inside and outside it.

Sense of responsibility. To act in such a way that the effects of your action are for your own good and compatible with the work permanence in the company.

Flexibility. Ability to work and create new solutions, innovate and promote new ways of doing and thinking.

Service vocation. Towards the clients, by which the majority of the strategies of this company are focused, and it is the raison d'être of the same.

Customer Promise

"Provide them with the best attention and service before, during and after being in our stores, in addition to guaranteeing the excellent quality of our garments."